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 SansTache chooses a small number of replacement breeders every year, the rest of our heifers are available for sale.

In the last few years the girls have been much in demand.  We have sold breeders to both large beef producers and small properties where temperament is paramount.

Normally we sell cattle unregistered, but we have been asked for Charolais stud breeders, so we registered one year group of females.  Naturally we are very pleased to see our heifers continuing our bloodlines and breeding quality, pure Charolais calves.    


Update June 2018

We have been forced to sell our heifers early this year because we don’t have the feed to raise them.  

Normally we would have about 20 rising 2YO heifers for sale, but they have long gone north to greener pastures.

We are now looking at whether we even keep our weaner heifers, but we are determined to hold out while there is a prospect of feeding them.  

It would be a great time for someone looking for great breeding heifers to come and inspect.