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SansTache is situated in the idyllic Dry Creek Valley, almost directly behind the famous Wingen Maid to anyone travelling the New England Highway 15Km north of Scone.  

Bev Adams has been custodian of SansTache for more than 40 years and together with daughter and son-in-law, Jackie and Alan Wood, strives to produce the best commercial bulls available.    

Bev was winner of the ABC “Rural Woman of the Year” award for NSW and is a sought after speaker at various rural conferences.  After 60 years of breeding and handling cattle, a recurring theme in her speaking engagements is the change she has seen in beef processing. She contends that calm and unstressed animals make far better beef and she laments the need for trucking animals long distances because of centralisation of processing facilities.  

SansTache cattle are testament to her belief, they have all been selectively bred and if more proof was needed that temperament is a highly heritable trait, SansTache provides it.  


Over the years we have out-crossed to stud bulls selected from major Charolais breeders and semen suppliers.  Mandalong, Elstow, Glendyr, Violet Hills and Palgrove have all provided bulls or semen to create the breeding herd we have today and our bloodlines include notable Gunnadoo and Rosedale amongst others.  Our current registered sires are Bandit and Gus.

In 2013 we embarked on an annual AI program designed to introduce the best available modern genetics to a portion of our cow herd.  We have used  LT Bluegrass, Harvie Mojo, SVY Pilgrim, Paringa Harvey and Airlie Koradji as donor sires with extremely good results.   Our focus on small calves with excellent growth rates will produce some excellent bulls for our weaner producing customers in coming years.

SansTache is a member of the Charolais Society of Australia.